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Rajkot Computer Traders Association

RCTA (Rajkot Computer Traders Association) is professional organization of Distributors, System Integrator, Professionals and Consultants in the Saurashtra Region of Gujarat State. RCTA is built to represent, promote and enhance the growth and professional development of our team members. RCTA members help each other in providing professional development tools, products and services that helps members to grow and prosper their businesses. Our team is like a big family. We all work to become goal the best ball players possible. Rajkot Computer Traders Association is strong and register organization working for the betterment and growth of Distributors, System Integrator, Professionals and Consultants associated with RCTA. Guided and lead by strong leadership community and a commitment to the advancement of technology and professionalism, RCTA is on a strong foundation and has established itself as one of the professional trade association in Saurashtra, Gujarat. RCTA works with mo...

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Rajkot Computer Traders Association

Becoming a Rajkot Computer Traders Association member indicates the confinement towards learning, developing and winning the personal business success.

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